Alleviate Tension Headaches Effectively With Tai Chi!

tai chiTai-chi exercise, a low-impact and traditional mind-body workout alleviates tension category headaches.

The main aim of tai chi is to rebalance your body’s own healing ability.

Approximately 78% of all headaches are tension category headaches. They occur in a single episode or continually.

Most often the “tension category headache” is triggered by anxiety, anger, temporary stress or fatigue.

The main symptoms of tension headaches include pain, pressure sensations, soreness, contracted neck and head muscles and tightening sensation around your head.

All these symptoms are mutual and will not be irritated by doing any physical activity.

Usually the care for tension headaches include: massage, relaxation routines, biofeedback, stress reduction and over-the-counter medications.

Tai chi is a traditional exercise that mainly supports to enhance your health by changing the mental focus, relaxation, coordination and breathing.

Benefits of tai-chi compared to conventional medicine:

  • Long term use of painkiller medicines that are used for tension headaches pose various side effects. For instance, acetaminophen can lead to liver toxicity, aspirin and ibuprofen cause gastrointestinal problems and also bleeding.
  • Tai chi greatly reduces the cost of treatment in reducing tension headache and stress.
  • Not only tai chi alleviates the pain, but also it gives great sense of relaxation. Tai chi works to search for the underlying cause of headache.