Myths About Tai Chi

Tai chi is an antediluvian Chinese traditional form of exercise (martial art) which is still practiced today. It has few series of slow movements which involves stretching in a much attentive way with deep breathing patterns. It is a self-patrolled way of physical exercise which is not very rigorous in nature, but one posture continues to the next without any break making sure that the body is in continuous movement.

It has different types of exercise and stretching, which highlights on numerous Tai Chi codes and systems. It is a very scientific and helpful way to handle stress and be fit and is suitable for all age groups. Below given are some myths related to Tai Chi which you must be aware of:

myths about tai chi

Tai Chi Myths:

Myth: Tai Chi is no more a form of Martial Art

Fact: Tai Chi was, is and will always be a form of ancient martial art with some gentle exercises that helps to control stress and strain.  It is suitable specifically for mature adults as it involves a lot of slow but steady movements which are good for the inner health. You might get confused as the basic Tai Chi gestures are slow and flowing but, self-defence mechanism has always been an integral routine of Tai Chi.  If you are keen to learn the fighting skills of Tai Chi all you need is proper guidance and patience.

Myth: Tai Chi is Associated with Religion

Fact: Tai Chi has got to do nothing with religion. It is a simple yet effective way to improve mind and body with the help of martial art and stretching. There is no secret about any religious practice which includes Tai Chi.

Myth: A Fresher can be a Tai Chi Instructor over period of Two Weekends

Fact: Gaining skills and knowledge about Tai Chi requires a lot of time and perseverance. It is not a syllabus that can be covered and studied overnight, as along with the practice proper skills are needed. Experts have mentioned that it takes a minimum of 10 years to become a proper Tai Chi Instructor who has all the knowledge about this art. However, a much lesser time is needed if you want to train others only the healing part of Tai Chi which requires you to be an expert in gaining knowledge about health and wellness.

Myth: Tai Chi is nothing but Chinese Yoga

Fact: The experts of Tai Chi would rather not say it as Yoga; as it does not involve any calm, unmoved postures. Tai Chi is more about rapid and fast movements, a form of physical exercise. It is definitely not done by lying on Yoga mats or using any kind of Yoga props. With years of practice, Tai Chi can lead to a psychological state called mindfulness and only experts have this capability to do meditation through Tai Chi practise.

Tai Chi has become a very popular form of performing art these days and has been proved to deliver a host of health benefits as well like weight loss, relieving from chronic back pain and joint stiffness.