5 Reasons you should Try Tai Chi from Today

Tai chi is a mind body exercise that combines principles of martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, controlling breathing and eastern philosophies. It is one of the famous ancient practices which are still hugely relevant today. It is recognized by medical practitioners as still being a very powerful force for the body, though it was first created long ago it has many health benefits. There are plenty of benefits to practicing Tai Chi moves, and while exercise forms like yoga may be more fashionable, it can be even more effective. Here are 5 reasons to try it today.

The person who practices tai chi regularly provides you various health benefits. It improves you health care, maintaining health and improves physical health is on the minds of many. This traditional exercise will not only exercise the muscles, it twists and stretches all parts of the body. This feels like a massage for the internal organs. With all of this twisting and massaging, blood, other fluids and energy can better flow throughout the body.

5 Reasons you should try Tai chi from today

Top 5 Health Benefits of Tai chi

Tai chi practitioners experience a sense of aliveness, of vitality. They gain more coordination, balance and a simple confidence in moving. With this inner and physical grace, falls and other stumbling mishaps are less likely. Tai chi workout is useful for both preventive medicine as well as restoring health after injury or illness.

  1. Tai chi weight loss

In a 30 minute session of tai chi, you can burn around 150 calories if you have a body weight of 70 Kg. This is one of the great way to lose weight without having to spend long hours every day exercising. You will not only drop calories quickly, but you can also improve your metabolism through the practice of the movements Tai chi A stronger metabolism burns calories more efficiently. You can even increase your circulation, which means a better ability to flush toxins from your blood. You can slim down in no time at all!

  1. Tai Chi prevent loss of bone density

As you start becoming old you need to take care of your body more and more. In particular, women can often find that they develop problems such as osteoarthritis after the menopause. This can make it harder to walk as well as making your bones increasingly brittle and painful. However, Tai Chi can prevent that. A study in 2010 found that those who took part in a Tai Chi program for 6 months had significantly improved bone mineral density and walking strength. This is essential for health later in life, so start as soon as you can to reap the benefits later.

  1. Tai chi makes your heart stronger

It has also been proven that Tai Chi helps to strengthen the heart. If you have a risk of heart disease or have already experienced some problems, you should start to practice light Tai Chi exercises as soon as possible. You will find that you can also improve your blood pressure, have a higher quality of life, and even walk further. It’s actually recommended the most for those who are recovering from a heart attack because it is a gentle exercise which nevertheless gradually strengthens your heart and body.

  1. Tai chi can improve your flexibility

If you have pain when moving or are not very flexible, Tai Chi can absolutely help. The gentle pace of the movements means that you are never pushing yourself too far, but you are still giving your body a good workout. This means that your flexibility and strength will improve greatly over time. As you get older, this can prevent common injuries and pains, as well as decreasing the likelihood that you will suffer greatly from conditions like arthritis.

  1. Tai Chi makes you happier

Exercise always makes you feel lighter and better in yourself because of the release of chemicals. This kind of exercise is also a lot of fun to do because you don’t have to be competitive or strain too hard. It’s a lovely addition to any daily routine and will make you feel more balanced in your life. The calm and peaceful movements will help you to clear your mind of stress and relax a bit more. Anything that makes you happy should always be something you pursue!

Other benefits of health benefits

  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Increasing energy, agility and endurance.
  • Improving balance, muscle strength and flexibility
  • lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing falls in older adults
  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Improving overall feelings of well being