Tai Chi or Yoga: Which is the More Effective?

Tai Chi is a traditional martial art system that is fast gaining popularity. It is often said that these days, one is better off practicing Tai Chi, than Yoga, since the former can ensure more benefits to human health and can be more effective in various ways. Thus, even Yoga loyalists are taking up Tai Chi en masse.

Earlier Tai Chi was known only as a martial art form, but lately it is being used and cultivated to treat many physical ailments. Below given are few points of comparison between Tai Chi and Yoga:

tai chi or yoga which is the more effective

Tai Chi over Yoga: The More Effective Option?

Tai Chi was once known as merely a traditional martial art style. However, recently the idea has undergone some changes, and it has been claimed that in overall well being of the human, Tai Chi can play a greater role than Yoga. Here are a few pointers towards that direction:

Stress Reduction

Both Yoga and Tai Chi are known for their stress reducing properties, and it is really difficult to decide which one reduces stress better. Both helps calm the soul and mind rather than calming the corporal body only. The effects of the two methods can be different on different people, for some the calmness of a Yogic posture is more comfortable while for another, the energy spent in Tai Chi movement bring peace.

Medical Benefits

Tai Chi and Yoga, both are widely known for their healing properties, that is, they can cure medical problems affecting specific areas of human body or mind. Harvard Health Publication has stated that Tai Chi is quite helpful in treating diseases such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure among other disorders; while University of Maryland Medical Center has been quoted as saying that regular practice of yoga is helpful in lowering blood pressure, reduce heart rates etc. Thus both the practices have important medical benefits.

Improvement of Balance

Tai Chi is better for improving your balance when you are on a move, while Yoga helps you retain your balance when you are maintaining a static position.

Tai Chi as a Martial Art form

If there is one specific thing in Tai Chi that can beat Yoga hands down that will be the fact that Tai Chi being a martial art form, is capable of teaching you ways to defend yourself. And since the world is being encroached with crime events more and more with each passing day, it is imperative for humans to able to defend themselves in all the situations. Yoga however, does not teach active and self defending skills.

Connection with People

Unlike Yoga, Tai Chi is more about connection between two or more people. Yoga helps you establish a stronger connection with your spirituality, but Tai Chi helps you cope better with the mundane world, by establishing connection with different people.

Thus it may be said that both Yoga and Tai Chi have several benefits, though some of them are similar, there are a few added points that give Tai Chi a higher point.