Tai Chi? Why Not!

A recent New York Times article speaks about the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi and extols the virtues of this practice as a stress relieving and health enhancing means. There are so many benefits that one can reap from the graceful, dancelike, meditative poses of Tai chi exercise, that it isn’t a question of why one should do Tai Chi; rather it is a question of why one shouldn’t do Tai Chi!

tai chiThe great thing about Tai Chi is that since it is low impact, gentle and calming, it is suitable for any one – of any age and of any fitness level.

Even those people, who dislike exercise and have been sedentary on the whole, can make a start with Tai Chi.

The deep breathing can be very beneficial without making one all hot and sweaty and places very little pressure on muscles and joints. For this reason Tai chi is very unlikely to cause injuries or muscle soreness.

Another plus is that it can be performed anywhere and at any time, requiring no particular equipment.

The many health benefits that one can get from Tai Chi include reduction of blood pressure; improve immunity, pain relief and a better sense of balance that helps reduce falls and injury.