Chakras Practice Guide to Self-Love

Self-love is the acceptance of your place in the lifestream. This Chakra is located between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage. This chakra is our personal sun, our center of power. It is the chakra of self-esteem and willpower. It is the key to transformation.

It represents the element fire, which consumes that which gives life and releases or levels behind that which does not. It is the element of fire that is most closely related to the process of assimilation and transformation. For this reason, the solar plexus is depicted as a brilliant yellow and imagined as a fire that burns within us. When this chakra is in balance it will give us the strength to say on our path.

Chakras Practice Guide to Self-Love

Signs solar plexus is well balanced

  • Feelings of inner harmony
  • Self-acceptance
  • Respect for the emotions of others
  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Confidence
  • Spontaneity
  • Able to meet challenges.

Symptoms of solar plexus chakra Imbalance

  • Overdevelopment
  • Overly aggressive
  • Controlling
  • Blaming
  • Arrogance
  • Manipulative
  • Stubbornness
  • Excessively ambitious
  • Competitive


  • Low energy
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Passive
  • Fearful
  • Poor self-discipline
  • Blaming of others
  • Unrealizable
  • Poor digestion.
  1. Give your body love

Your body is unique; thousands of process happens inside of you at the same time, filling your body with energy and life. Can you imagine that everybody part, everybody cell, the smallest details in your body perform their own exclusive function? And they are all connected. One can’t function without the other.

  1. Enjoy yourself

When you really take in small things with gratitude you form a habit of noticing how much worlds gives you and when you are gifted by the worlds, you definitely feel better about your own self.

  1. Give yourself gifts

What are important are your conscious decisions to give yourself some love and attention as you would expect from a loving team.

  1. Go to a date with you

When you connect with your inner child you vibrate at a higher frequency, translating more joy and the particular energy you need to attract better opportunities and positive people.

Mental self-care tips

  • Play a quick game online
  • Explore a new language with duolindo
  • Take a screen break for an hour
  • Read an interesting article
  • Spend time in silence
  • Try eating breakfast mindfully
  • Keep a Google doc of all your ideas
  • Delete old emails you no longer need
  • Enroll in a local class
  • Cross something off your to-do list

Emotional self-care

  • Pack a sweet note in your lunch
  • Say ‘i love you’ in the mirror
  • Try morning pages
  • Call a friend
  • Let yourself feel fully for 90 seconds
  • Ask for positive feedback
  • Write a journal
  • Create art to express emotion
  • Spend time with a pet
  • Help someone in need

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