Is It Safe To Eat Before Doing Yoga?

Whether you are eating before or immediately after yoga, it is important what kind of food you are eating rather than when you are eating.

Actually, it is suggested to eat 2 hours before practicing yoga and the food you are eating plays a vital role in maximizing the effect of yoga.

Here are few diet tips recommended by experts to follow when you are eating before starting your yoga session.

4 Tips for eating before yoga class

  1. Avoid eating heavy foods: Foods like pasta, fried foods and even meat should be avoided before practicing yoga. This is because of the reason that these particular heavy foods can just fill your stomach and takes long time to digest well and disturbs your yoga class.
  2. Avoid fatty and oily foods: Oily and fatty foods and also other complex carbohydrate substances including proteins will certainly slow down your body’s ability to perform perfect yoga poses. Try to avoid them as well.
  3. Prefer fruits and vegetables: If you really want to eat before your yoga class, fruits and vegetables can help you a lot. They will not only increase your body energy levels, but also helps you to reach your fitness goals quickly.
  4. Don’t eat triggers of acid reflux: Foods that are mainly responsible for causing acid reflux include alcoholic drinks, spicy foods, coffee, onions, citrus fruit juices and other caffeinated products. So, make sure that you do not eat these foods before your yoga class.