Kundalini Yoga: Yoga With Different Asanas For Your Spiritual Growth

Kundalini YogaKundalini yoga is a physical and meditative discipline which consists of simple techniques used by mind, senses and body.

These techniques are used by your body for providing communication between body and mind.

Kundalini yoga will concentrate on the psycho-spiritual growth.

Kundalini yoga will help in improving body’s potential for maturation.

This will help in improving spine and the endocrine system for yogic awakening.

Kundalini yoga focuses on chakras or psychic centers of your body. This yoga will generate spiritual power on these psychic centers; this energy is called as kundalini energy.

This energy is visualized as the snake coiled up. Kundalini energy is present on your body at the lower base of your spine.

The practice session of this yoga includes number of bodily postures, expressive movements, character logical cultivations, breathing patterns and degrees of concentration. The exercises supported by this yoga are not stretching exercises or gymnastic exercises.

Techniques involved in kundalini yoga:

Kundalini yoga techniques include cross legged transitions, positioning of spine, different methods to control breathing, use of mantras, closing eyes and mental focus.

The yoga of awareness is called the Kundalini yoga, as it awakens the kundalini energy which is already present in your body. When this energy is awakened in your body, this energy will help in enhancing intuition, mental clarity and creative potential.

Yoga pose and posture (asanas) included in this yogic practice are designed to stimulate glands, body awareness and prepare mind for meditation. These asanas will apply pressure on the nerves or acupressure points and reflexing brain and body for some effects.

The most common meditation asanas used for kundalini yoga:

Asanas that are different postures included in the kundalini yoga are very easy to perform.

Easy pose:

For doing this asana, first you have to sit comfortably with crossed ankles. Then, press your lower spine forward to keep your spine straight.

Perfect pose:

In this type of asana, you have to keep your right heel towards perineum and keep your sole against left thigh. Then keep your left heel on the top of the right heel.

After doing this press your body above the genitals. Next you have to tuck your toes into groove which is present between right calf and thigh.

Then your knees should be present on the ground with heels by keeping one above the other. This is very easy asana which is used for improving your psychic power.


In this type of asana you have to lift your left foot and keep it on the upper right thigh. Place your right foot on the left thigh. Then you have to keep this foot as closer as possible towards your body.

Your right leg should be always on the top. This type of posture is locked and it is easy to perform. This asana which is includes in kundalini yoga will help in enhancing your deep meditation.

Kundalini yoga is helpful in treating different psychological disorders. You can use Kundalini yoga at the time of depression [Managing Stress] and you can feel relaxation by performing this yoga.