What is Dahn Yoga?

Dahn Yoga is known to be a mixture of Yoga, Tai Chi and some other martial art. It is a Korean style of physical exercise system, also known as Dahnhak. It was initiated as a business enterprise and a physical exercise routine by Ilchi Lee in 1985. In Korean the word Dahn means “vital energy or Primal energy” and the word Hak means “the study of a specific theory or philosophy.” There are a lot of things about this particular practice that people wish to know. Here are some relevant information on the topic.

what is dahn yoga

Dahn Yoga and its Various Aspects

According to a book on this specific Yoga, it has been claimed that the main tenets of this are having mastery over energy and its proper usage, to increase the connection between body and brain, and, a health care that is not only holistic but self managed. It has been found that after a few classes of this Yoga, moderate improvements were recognized in the participants, with less depression and stress. Here are some of the important traits of Dahn Yoga.

Brain Wave Vibration

This process is initiated by Ilchi lee in order to achieve the utmost connection between the brain and body. He argues that these brain waves affect a person’s philosophy of life and health positively. It is believed that shake of the head and vibrating the body, healing energy is brought about within a person.

Brain Education

Ilchi Lee also devised a set of exercises as part of the brain education and Brain Education System Training (known as BEST) There are 5 different steps of this exercise such as, sensitizing the brain, versetalizing it, refreshing the brain., integration of the brain, and mastering the brain.

The fact is that Dahn Yoga is a cult, and like all the cults, you have to accept it with all its paraphernalia even if some of them are negative, such as

  • In this system, your vulnerability is exposed in front of the others, in order to gain your confidence.
  • Often such cults can influence you by exerting peer pressure on you in order to buy their service or products. It is difficult to get rid of persuasive suggestions regarding the health benefit of such cults.
  • After everything the point remains that at the end of the day it is a business, therefore there will be orientation towards profit. However, there are some nonprofit Dahn Yoga centers too, where you can practice the craft.
  • Some practices can lead to the change of not only your lifestyle, but also your philosophy of life. Some practices may go against your thought process.
  • When you are joining a cult, you should know that the leadership structure of the cult will be elitist, and you will have to follow a leader’s advice.

There have been some controversies regarding this practice. Yet, its popularity has not really suffered even after a few litigations, as a lot of people are still embracing this type of physical exercise regime.