8 Ways Yoga can Improve your Sex Life

More and more people are discovering the myriad of benefits of incorporating yoga in their everyday routine. Besides building strength and fighting stress, yoga has a number of other benefits as well.

One of these benefits is that yoga can greatly improve a person’s sex life.  Those who are engaged in practicing yoga on a regular basis will notice a change in their sex drive and their overall sex life. There are many ways that yoga can result in this change. The following are the 8 ways in which yoga can improve your sex life:

yoga can improve your sex life1. Yoga Targets your Sexual Zones

Yoga can improve your sex life by targeting the various sexual zones in the body. This is especially the case if yoga that targets regions like pelvic floor muscles, root of the spine etc. is done by an individual. By doing so, the sexual activity can be greatly affected in a positive way.

2. Yoga Improves Sexual Function

Doing yoga can help a person reach better orgasms because yoga improves the overall sexual function. This is especially true if a person engages in a form of yoga called Mula Bandha.

3. Yoga makes One Feel Better about Themselves

Yoga not only improves the body definition but also provides flexibility and strength and this can make a person feel good about himself/herself. This further helps to improve the sex life due to the new confidence that one feels about his/her sexual abilities.

4. Yoga Makes More Flexible

Yoga when done regularly can help become more flexible and due to this, there can be a vast improvement in the ability to perform certain sexual postures.

5. Yoga Decreases Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the biggest reasons for not having a great sex life. Yoga helps to lower the anxiety and release the physical tension and this in turn helps to improve the sex life. When a person feels lower stress, he/she feels more balanced mentally and this transfer to the bed as well

6. Yoga Makes One Feel more Sensual

Another benefit of yoga for improving sex life is that it can make one feel much more sensual. What yoga does is that it helps a person develop an awareness of the way the body feels the various sensations.  This further helps to stay more in tune with the body.

7. Yoga Adds Energy

Lack of energy at the end of the day why most people decline having sex. But what yoga does is that it helps a person relax, sleep well and hence feel full of energy throughout the day. This thus helps to improve sex life by adding more passion and energy to it.

8. Yoga Releases the Feel Good Hormone

Another reason why yoga can help a person’s sex life is that it helps to release the feel good hormone in the practitioner which further shows during sexual activity. A person who feels good not only about himself but about life in general is likely to have a better sexual experience.