Reiki Massage To Relieve From Stressful Life!

reiki massage

Reiki massage is a calm practical healing method that is used to reduce the stress and pain.

The practitioners of Reiki hold the fundamental power of cosmos in order to energize the various body systems on different levels that support curing and completeness.

Reiki massage is based on the same energy principles like acupuncture. But, there is no need of physical agility in reiki massage.

Frankly speaking, reiki and massage are two different things. If you take reiki and massage together, then you will get best results.

Reiki massage helps in healing, reduces stress and relaxes most of the diseases in the individuals. Even though you don’t feel sick, reiki massage will give peace and decreases the stress level in your life.

Reiki massage is first performed on your head and then its path is continued through the seven chakras of energy centers of your body. This is completely different from normal massage therapy.

What will happen during reiki massage?

  • First, the practitioner waits for your permission whether you are ready for reiki massage.
  • You need to wear the loose fitting clothes during the massage section.
  • The reiki practitioner discovers the problem area in your body and gives that area some special care with reiki.
  • Practitioner applies some massage oils to loosen your skin and muscles and also provides some aromatherapy massage for you.
  • When you are going to receive reiki massage, ensure that your mind is in a relaxed and tranquil state.
  • Basically, reiki massage consists of 27 hand positions with each taking 5 minutes.
  • After the completion of massage, you will experience a feeling of being cleansed with reiki.

After the completion of first session, most of you will experience rushes of emotions like guilt and sadness. So, you need to allot some time to vanish these feelings after the massage; usually, they will pass in 30 minutes or so.

How is reiki massage beneficial for you?

The benefits of reiki massage are many.

  • Massage is a great way that restores calmness to a stressful mind. Whenever you feel stressed, your body automatically starts to become stiff and tensed. The muscle tension makes you to feel miserable.
  • Reiki massage greatly helps you to remain at your level of fitness by maintaining the muscles flexible and relaxed.
  • Massage removes toxins from your body thus ensuring you to stay at the state of wellness.
  • Massage is very beneficial for those who spend greater hours in front of the computer. This kind of work will develop problem areas, which will become very much painful.
  • Massage relieves your tension and relaxes the tight muscles and also helps to evade recurring injuries.