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ice and heat therapy

Ice and Heat Therapy for Your Muscles

Ice therapy or cryotherapy helps to reduce the swelling and blood flow to decrease the pain. Heat therapy or thermotherapy helps to improve blood flow to continue the healing process and to relax the muscles. First determine whether your muscles have bruising or inflammation. If the muscle fibers are stretched too far, then your body […]

alexander technique

Using the Alexander Technique to Resolve a Bad Posture

Consider the typical day in a typical working individual’s life – most of the day spent at a desk perhaps hunched working over a computer; a sedentary, inactive day that does nothing for the posture. A bad posture leads inevitably to aches and pains, and often to some more significant problems as well. The Alexander […]

quit smoking

Customized Health Messages Could Help to Quit Smoking

A new study has shown that health messages that are customized to the individual requirements of a smoker and which help make the person more self aware are more likely to help the individual to quit smoking. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that rather than a standardized or one size fits all method […]