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Multiple Sclerosis

CAM Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

The fact is that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a progressively disabling disease that has no known cure. Often medications for MS are ineffective or may be poorly tolerated and for these reasons as well as many others, as many as 88% of MS sufferers in the United States are estimated to have tried out some […]

Feng shui Bed Room

Wonderful Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Rejuvenate Your Energy!

Bedroom is the place in which we spend one third of our lives. So, feng shui bedroom tips are the most essential part of our wealth creation strategy. Bedroom is the place where your body rests, restores and rejuvenates itself, while your brain processes your daily experiences. You need to ensure that the external force […]

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Chronically high cholesterol, called hypercholesterolemia, is linked to atherosclerosis and heart disease. Conventional medical treatments include dietary modifications and prescription medications. In addition, there are certain things you can do on your own to help lower your cholesterol naturally. Certain treatments, such as herbs, may even help you to decrease your need for prescription medications, […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Healing Energy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ayurveda for Arthritis

Exciting new stories are constantly being told about methods of healing that no one had thought of earlier. Even skeptics with a purportedly scientific bent of mind are often required to concede that there are in fact therapies that work; though their way of working is not fully understood. Blinded by science? Most of us […]


How Does Acupuncture Work? Basic Acupuncture Principles

Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese methodology of the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to relieve various ailments. There is a significant amount of skepticism about practice of acupuncture, which stems principally from a lack of knowledge and understanding about how does acupuncture work. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the concept […]

Holotropic Breathwork

What Exactly is Holotropic Breathwork?

In short, Holotropic Breathwork uses a combination of accelerated breathing and music to achieve a deep state of meditation and relaxation. ┬áIt is used as an alternative therapeutic approach in the treatment of stress and anxiety, addiction, trauma recovery and depression, among other things. It is also used to help deepen spirituality and the mystical […]

Light Therapy

The Many Uses of Light Therapy

Light therapy is also referred to as heliotherapy or phototherapy and consists of exposure to light in many different forms and for treating a variety of different ailments. Various sources of light such as fluorescent lamps, LED (light emitting diodes), bright, full spectrum lights, dichroic lamps, lasers and so on are used to administer light […]


Know the Wonderful Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most popular herbs and is the most widely recognized plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is very helpful if you consider it as part of your overall health regimen. There are various types of ginseng. This herb is in use for more than 7000 years. Today, it is the […]