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Holistic Remedies

Holistic Remedies for Various Illnesses

It is often said that sicknesses and disease are sometimes just in your head, and that is where holistic remedies come in to save the day. A state of mind can be a terrible thing if it is not one with many positive aspects, so you need to make sure you keep your mind as […]

holistic healing

Holistic Healing – Choices, Benefits and Risks

Holistic healing is centuries old, but it is still used widely today. Holistic healthcare is sometimes used in conjunction with conventional medicine, or as an alternative altogether. Suzan Walter, President of the American Holistic Health Association, refers to the holistic approach to healthcare as a combination of non-invasive techniques that are geared towards natural healing […]

holistic treatment

Why Holistic Treatment Is The Best Option?

In times past, it used to be that Holistic Treatment was thought of as alternative mumbo jumbo that was best reserved for those who were little out there. However as those of the scientific community have started to understand more and more about how the body works and the value of prevention and balance over […]

Holistic Therapies For Spotless Face In No Time

The most common cause of worry in women is the presence of the annoying red spots on their faces, also known as acne. There are many options for treatment, but when it concerns the face which is considered as the most sensitive region of the body, it is a must to stick with natural remedies […]

complex regional pain syndrome

Holistic Treatment For Pain Management Using Mirrors

Some Australian hospitals are employing uniquely different treatment that ‘tricks’ the mind into feeling better. People who suffer from the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which typically occurs after an injury, were seen to benefit greatly from a unique use of mirrors, it was reported. The way it was done is like this – patients who […]

holistic healing

3 Major Types Of Holistic Healing

Millions of people go through different types of medical procedures to help cure their physical and emotional illnesses. Although it is true that there are multiple ways to address the needs for different ailments, there are quite a few who undergo treatments from holistic healing. The term holistic means that an individual’s health is based […]

The Five Elements Or Meridians Theory Of Oriental Medicine

The Five Elements Or Meridians Theory Of Oriental Medicine

As the importance of healing the organism gains ground even in mainstream medicine, the holistic healing theories are being given due consideration. And increasingly holistic healing is looking to maintain or restore balance of the body’s different elements to bolster all round well being and wellness. As the there are the elements that make up […]

Ease Body Pain With Bowen Therapy

Ease Body Pain With Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a revolutionary technique for pain relief that is very gentle, and can be used on anyone from infants to the elderly. This type of holistic pain relief therapy is not a massage, acupuncture, and does not involve invasive tools such as taking pills or undergoing surgery. Bowen therapy simply makes use of […]