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Thinking And Emotions Can Contribute To Health And Wellness

It is a fact that the way that you feel and think can impact your health and general well being; a number of studies in fields as diverse as psychology, immunology, psychiatry, medicine, genetics and neuroscience have been able to substantiate this mind body connect. More and more, it is holistic or integrative health that […]

dark circles

Natural Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

It could be a genetic reason why you have those dark circles under the eyes or it could be lack of sleep, fatigue, jet lag or stress that is the cause. However, there are ways and means to treat dark circles with these natural remedies you can try at home – The humble cucumber is […]

colloidal gold

Colloidal Gold – What Is It And Can It Really Work?

It may be that you have, at some point come across the term Colloidal Gold in connection with health and wellness, being projected as a solution for the soul or similar, even for as an alternative for pharmaceuticals to counter a variety of illnesses and conditions. Colloidal gold is also known as nanogold and is […]

Benefits of Consuming Fish Oils

8 Benefits of Consuming Fish Oils

-Add some magic to your nutritional plan with fish oils!

alternative treatments

Cancer Risk Has Menopausal Women Turn To Alternative Treatments

Every October is Breast Cancer month when various awareness, rehabilitation and research initiatives are launched for this; one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. However, some of the research related to breast cancer published in the Journal of the American Medical Association about breast cancer has been a warning for women considering hormone […]


Eat Watermelon To Lower Hypertension

According to the findings made by food scientists at the University of Florida, watermelon reduces blood pressure due to certain nutrients naturally occurring in this summer staple. L-citrulline/L-arginine amino acids found in and extracted from watermelon were seen to reduce blood pressure of all nine people who participated in the study. For the 5 menopausal […]

health benefits of gardening

Gardening – How Can It Be Of Benefit For Health And Wellness?

Have you noticed how nice you feel after you’ve had a nice, long walk in the great outdoors? Or that keen gardeners seem to be really nice people? Well it may not all be a coincidence; that the outdoors and physical and mental wellbeing seem to go together. The theories as to the reasons why […]

tai chi

Tai Chi Improves Quality Of Life For Heart Patients

In a study involving patients of chronic systolic heart failure, the impact of Tai Chi programs on mood, quality of life, and other factors was examined. A 12 week Tai Chi program for heart patients was seen to improve quality of life, exercise self efficacy, and mood. According to Dr. Gloria Yeh, who was speaking […]