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Dandelion for Great Skin

Dandelion for Great Skin

Dandelion may be a weed but it is a very useful herb; which can work as a diuretic, to flush out toxins from the system, and have great nutritional value for the body. For this reason, dandelion tea is a popular beverage for many. Dandelion is packed with a number of nutrients that are very […]

chiropractic therapy

Chiropractic Therapy – The Different Therapies In Brief

Chiropractic therapy is principally bases itself on spinal adjustment; however, that is only one part of chiropractic therapy which uses a range of different kinds of therapy to address general health issues or problems of the musculoskeletal system. Hundreds of different kinds of chiropractic therapy have been developed by individual practitioners over the years and […]

black friday antidote

The Best Black Friday Antidote – a Massage

Today being Black Friday, many of us have been battling the hordes trying to get the best deals and the biggest discounts. This may leave you happy and satisfied after all that retail therapy, but it can also leave you with various aches and pains in the feet and other joints. To generally de-stress and […]

preventing lung cancer

Preventing Lung Cancer Better And Cheaper

A recent study showed that if CT scans of smokers were performed, this would reduce their chances of dying from lung cancer – a disease that claims 160,000 lives each year – by 20%. However the study ignored the golden rule of prevention being better than cure – that if there were effective strategies in […]

holistic treatment

Why Holistic Treatment Is The Best Option?

In times past, it used to be that Holistic Treatment was thought of as alternative mumbo jumbo that was best reserved for those who were little out there. However as those of the scientific community have started to understand more and more about how the body works and the value of prevention and balance over […]


What Is Earth Energy Or Earthing?

Dr Stephen Sinatra explains what ‘earthing’ is, speaking on whether this is the most important health discovery ever. Dr Sinatra is a self described integrative cardiologist, who believes in using the best of the both worlds, conventional as well as alternative medicine. Earthing or use of earth energy, according to the doctor is something that […]

dietary supplements

Don’t Mix Warfarin And Dietary Supplements, Says Study

If you have been prescribed any anti blood clotting medicine such as Warfarin or similar formulation, then you must make it a point to reveal to your doctor information about any dietary or herbal supplements you are taking. Researchers discovered strong evidence of the fact that 10 top selling supplements could alter the efficacy of […]


Talking In Homeopathy Helps, Says Research

New research has suggested that it is the talking that takes place in homeopathic treatment that works to benefit the patient, rather than the actual medications that are given. According to this theory, it doesn’t matter whether it is actual medication or placebo that is administered. The research, published by The Journal of Rheumatology, compared […]