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Alt treatment

Top 5 Alternative Medicine Apps

Across the world the use of alternative medicine has dramatically risen over the past decade. In America, for example, more than one-third of citizens use some from of this for health purposes. Stemming from dissatisfaction with conventional practices and impersonal doctors these alternative methods and herbal treatments tend to come from medicinal use by previous […]

Vitamin B1 Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin B1 Benefits and Side Effects

In case you are interested in the vitamin B1 benefits and side effects, you should know that this vitamin is also known as thiamin. It is usually found in foods, such as yeast, beans, cereal grains, meat and nuts. In the majority of the cases it is used in combination with other kinds of vitamin […]

Difference between Minerals and Vitamins

What is the Difference between Minerals and Vitamins?

When it comes to nutrition there are many people who are still confused about the difference between minerals and vitamins. Both of them are an important part of human’s diets and if you think that you don’t have enough of them, you should take some supplements. Minerals In case you are thinking about minerals you […]

Herbal Tea for Respiratory Health

Best Herbal Tea for Respiratory Health

If you are thinking about herbal tea for respiratory health you should know that teas have been used for thousands of years to treat bronchitis and coughs. The main point of the teas is to improve the immune system so that the body will be able fight off the infections. Tea Pulmonaria and respiratory health […]

foods act natural anti inflammatories

Best Foods That Act as Natural Anti Inflammatories

If you happen to have problems with inflammation you could be looking for something that would make it better. Besides the foods act natural anti-inflammatories, there are also different kinds of medications that you may choose. However these might end up weakening your immune system. Kelp Kelp comes with fucoidan which is a kind of […]

Skin Benefits of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Learn about Skin Benefits of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

For sure you know a little something about rose geranium essential oil and you could be interested in the skin benefits of rose geranium essential oil. There were numerous studies conducted in this field and the findings of these studies prove numerous benefits of this oil. Skin treatment and the benefits of the skin from […]

Essential Oils Guide for Skin

Best Essential Oils Guide for Skin

If you are looking for essential oils guide for skin you should know that these essential oils are very powerful. They support physical and emotional well-being while lifting the spirits and calming the mind. There are a lot of benefits that they have, including antibacterial, infectious and anti parasitic properties. Carrot seed and the guide […]

Plant-Based Foods Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Plant-Based Foods Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Dr. Susan Steck from the Arnold School of Public Health has established through her studies that including fruits, vegetables, tea and herbs in your diet will reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The findings were presented at the International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research. This is an annual event sponsored by the […]