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Moxibustion Techniques to Reinforce Blood and Stimulate Energy Flow

Moxibustion is a form of fire heat treatment that stimulates certain acupuncture points. This technique uses the herb called mugwort. The main aim of moxibustion techniques is to strengthen the blood and stimulate the energy flow. There are various types of moxibustion techniques such as: Direct moxibustion: During this technique, a piece of cone shaped […]

Suction Cupping

Detoxify Your Body with Chinese Cupping Therapy

Suction cupping, also called as body vacuuming or fire cupping is a modified edition of the cupping therapy. It is one of the most extensively used Chinese medicine systems. Chinese cupping therapy is the most beneficial method that gives relief from back pain, muscle spasms, and also arthritic and rheumatic conditions. It stimulates your skin […]

cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy for Common Ailments

Cupping therapy is the ancient Chinese method of using cups made from glass or plastic to create a vacuum to exert pressure causing blood to arrive at the site and assist in healing.  Cupping therapy is targeted at the Chinese belief in Meridians and the body’s energy force or ‘Qi’. This alternative therapy, which is […]

chinese healing traditions

Chinese Healing Traditions And Their Application Today

It is important to remember that Chinese healing and traditional medicine, though viewed as ‘Alternative’ or ‘Complementary’ therapy in the Western world are actually the mainstream of medical care in the Oriental world or East Asia. Chinese healing relies on several diagnostic factors such as visual, tactile auditory and olfactory as well as case history […]

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Tai Chi For Fibromyalgia, Chinese Medicine For Cancer

Alternative treatments are now increasingly able to target and treat specific illnesses and conditions, either in conjunction with mainstream treatments or by themselves. According to this report, researchers have found that traditional Chinese medicine can increase effectiveness of cancer treatment. Huang Qin Tang is a formulation containing roots, fruit and other plant extracts that has […]

Chinese Traditional Treatment for acne Sufferers

Chinese Traditional Treatment for acne Sufferers

If you have acne, chances are you have tried a lot of different over the counter and even prescription medications and may met with varying degrees of success. On the other hand it may be that looking at the list of chemicals and artificial substances that make up the acne remedy, you may have been […]

What Is Goji Berry And What Are Its Health Benefits?

What Is Goji Berry And What Are Its Health Benefits?

The Goji Berry, also known as the Wolfberry is said to be one of the most nutrient dense food available and is also said to have many curative and medicinal properties. It is said that Chinese medicine has long relied on the Goji berry to cure a variety of ailments such as kidney, liver or […]

Chinese Astrology - Energy And Balance For Body Healing

Chinese Astrology – Energy And Balance For Body Healing

TCM or otherwise know as Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a practice of balance in the body. TCM has been a tradition in China for over two thousand years now. It has now rapidly spread across the world. TCM is maintained by being in control of your body balance and beyond. The life force that is […]