Herbal Medication – An Effective Remedy For Common Ailments

Herbal medicationNo cure with conventional medicines?

Try herbal medication for effective relief of common diseases and ailments.

Herbal medication is basically the study of its own and many of the complementary and alternative medical therapies.

It mainly supports the use of natural herbs and substances in the treatment of disease and the promotion of health.

The system of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of many conditions uses various herbs and combinations of herbs. It is one of the oldest of all medical practices.

Herbal medication becomes more popular on the fact that it cost less than conventional drugs and it comes from botanical sources, and is therefore considered natural. Herbal medication can come from any plant’s seeds, leaves, flowers, berries, bark, and roots. The plant substances in the herbs can show biological effects on your body.

Herbal medication is a main component in several alternative medical systems, including traditional Chinese medicine, traditional western folk medicine, and ayurveda herbs.

Uses of herbal medication:

  • Herbs can be used in alternative systems in fresh, dried, powdered or crushed form.
  • Herbs may also be used in tinctures, extracts, teas, or as compresses or poultices.
  • Herbal medication is an appropriate spicing factor in foods and beverages.
  • Herbal tea can be used to treat diseases and promote well being.
  • Herbal medication can be used to treat infections. It helps to deodorize, heal and promote healing by the body.

Some of the herbal medication and their effects on your body:

Black cohosh – It is used to relieve variety of female problems like PMS, menstrual cramps as well as menopausal symptoms.

Calendula – This herbal medication is used to encourage healing, aid digestion, fights with fungal infections, and help to cure diaper rashes for your child.

Chamomile – It acts as remedy for colds, sore throat, wounds and burns, fever, bronchitis, skin inflammation, treats the inflammation of the digestive track, skin irritation, and the chamomile tea helps to relax your body and induces sleepiness.

Echinacea preparations – This herbal medication bolster immunity. It also reduces the severity of cold symptoms.

Garlic – This herbal medication used to lower the cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure and has anti-bacterial properties.

Ginkgo – It is used as brain tonic to enhance memory. It is useful in producing improvements in judgment and awareness. It is also used for the treatment of vertigo, tinnitus, and variety of neurological disorders.

Kava kava – It is more popular in the treatment of anxiety related disorders. It can calm nerves, induce relaxation and sleep and fight fatigue.

Peppermint tea – It is effective in treating nausea.

Valerian – It is used as sleep inducing agent. It doesn’t produce any hangover feeling.

Criticisms of herbal medication:

Herbal medication is not standardized and regulated, so you need to be careful while taking herbal treatment. Some herbal medicines may interfere with conventional medications resulting in illness.

Indiscriminate use of herbal medication can lead to poisoning and serious damage to your body’s organs and systems.

If you are using herbal medication then you must be under the care of a knowledgeable herbalist.