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eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil – Therapeutic and Other Uses

The Eucalyptus tree may conjure up images of the cuddly Koala bear, which subsists on a diet of eucalyptus leaves, but in fact eucalyptus oil has many and varied use related to medicinal, curative therapeutic, and hygienic applications. Some of the common medicinal and therapeutic uses of eucalyptus oil are: Main stream pharmaceutical preparations such […]

acupuncture for skin care

How Acupuncture can help in Skin Care?

Bad skin is usually an indication that there are other imbalances that exist inside the body. These could be impaired immunity, an unbalanced lifestyle, emotional distress, poor diet, indigestion and so on. External factors such as weather and pollution can also impact skin. Since Chinese traditional medicine systems are holistic, in that they try to […]

ayurvedic remedies

Ayurvedic Remedies And Their Main Principles

The traditional Indian system of medicine of Ayurveda goes back many centuries, and many Ayurvedic remedies are used the same way today that they were prescribed in the original ancient text books. The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Ayush’ which means life or age, and Veda which pertains to knowledge, science and the […]

drinking water

Wonderful Water – How It Can Be that Great For You

We all know the importance of water for all life forms and are also perhaps aware of the many ways in which it is important for the existence and wellbeing of human being. Water can eliminate toxins, reduce bad breath, help fight wrinkles and even help maintain body temperature and homeostasis. According to Kousalya Nathan, […]

alternative therapies

Different Types of Alternative Therapies and Their Definitions

According to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, there are 5 categories of complementary and alternative medicine, which are healing practices that do not fall into the category of conventional or mainstream medicine – Combination of theory and practice characterize the non western, alternative medical systems that could include Ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicine, […]

hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss – How You Can Make It Work For You

Hypnosis or the hypnotic state is induced by a series of instructions and suggestions and this state of hypnosis can be used to plumb the unconscious and the subconscious recesses of the mind. Hypnosis can help to harness the untapped powers of the mind which can help a person achieve things that they ordinarily find […]


Will Yourself Well – Using Hypnotherapy to Heal

It has been seen how the mind can control the body, its reactions and even its state of health and wellbeing – consider how a pediatric pulmonologist observed how a person with severe milk allergies could actually bring on an asthma attack simply by imagining the smell of cheeseburgers! Clearly the mind is a powerful […]

registered nurses

Registered Nurses Integrate Alternative Therapies

As more and more people realize the importance of holistic health that embraces different methods of achieving good health, health professionals such as nurses are also becoming aware of the power of alternative treatments such as acupuncture and oriental medical techniques. Registered nurse Casey Romero discovered the efficacy of alternative therapies and the importance of […]