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Yoga Could Help Tame Diabetes

Yoga Could Help Tame Diabetes

We all know that yoga helps to promote a stronger sense of mental calmness and health. It has also shown to help people develop lean, firm bodies and establish a better sense of flexibility. One thing that many people do not consider, however, are all of the ways that yoga can help to tame diseases […]

good night sleep

All Natural Sleep Aids To Get Your Good Night Sleep

A number of natural sleep aids are discussed here, which can help you get good rest and prevent a number of health ailments as well, which most of us may prefer to prescription drugs: Chamomile tea should be taken at bedtime to relax and soothe one to sleep. It is said to contain a compound […]

What Is Goji Berry And What Are Its Health Benefits?

What Is Goji Berry And What Are Its Health Benefits?

The Goji Berry, also known as the Wolfberry is said to be one of the most nutrient dense food available and is also said to have many curative and medicinal properties. It is said that Chinese medicine has long relied on the Goji berry to cure a variety of ailments such as kidney, liver or […]

singing therapy

Singing – The New Stroke Therapy

According to doctors of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, singing could just be the therapy that could help stroke patients communicate again. We have long known the various benefits of music, including its stress relieving properties; now it would seem that music may provide stroke patients with a chance to start […]

The Humble Turmeric - A Miracle Spice

The Humble Turmeric – A Miracle Spice

Something that is found routinely on Asian kitchen shelves and is increasingly now found in kitchens all over the world, is turmeric. Long known and revered for its natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, it is now increasing in popularity the world over both as a condiment as well as a medical aid. If brides […]

The Way That The 7 Main Chakras Influence Our Bodies

The Way That The 7 Main Chakras Influence Our Bodies

If you are having a problem within your body, you may find that this is because one of your chakras is blocked. This can prevent the essential energy from flowing in a way that it needs to and your body will suffer for it. The first root chakra is related to the physical body and […]


How Alternative Medicine Can Help Fight Against Swine Flu And Other Infections?

When the Swine flu scare was on, one of the things that were periodically being reported were alternative cures for the infection. Yet the nay sayers were disputing that alternative therapies were any use for fighting off swine flu and similar infections. The fact is that with its emphasis on holistic healing rather than symptomatic […]

Yumeiho - Another Kind Of Regenerating Therapy

Yumeiho – Another Kind Of Regenerating Therapy

Have you heard about Yumeiho?  It is a massage therapy that can treat different symptoms without using medicines. It was made public by Saionji Masayuki, a doctor from Japan. He combined different methods from different countries and selected the best for the new technique. It is based on ancient oriental method called Setaiho which is […]